My collaborators

I work with a group of dynamic women with whom I share ideas, goals and, above all, I realise beautiful projects. Roberta, Manila, Eleni and Chiara are a vital part of my work.

Roberta Roscini (My source of inspiration)

Editor, proof-reader, events and training courses planner. She studied Psychology and is CEDILS certified by the Ca ’Foscari University of Venice in teaching Italian as a foreign or second language. She has attended several courses on editing and proof-reading and is also a specialist of animal behaviour and a teacher of educational programs. In 2019 she founded the Università Popolare Natura e Cultura Association, based in Perugia, of which she is also the President. Together we organise events, publishing projects, cultural activities, and much more. She is a traveller and a lover of life in all its forms and takes on every project with passion and energy.


Manila Peverini (My right hand):

Editor and proof-reader. Graduated at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Perugia. She attended a high-level training course as Multimedia Promotion Specialist for Cultural Heritage at the School of Radio and Television Journalism in Perugia. She has worked as a Social Media Manager at the publishing house Luoghi Interiori and at the Association Tracciati Virtuali, both in Città di Castello, and at the press office of the Casa Museo degli Oddi Marini Clarelli – Marini Clarelli Santi Foundation in Perugia. She loves books, reading and is a loves learning. She does everything with enthusiasm.

Eleni Mavros Serra (My artistic vein): 

 Illustrator. The youngest of the team! Cypriot-Spanish origin, Barcelona based. She is a student of the Escola Joso: Centre de Còmic i Arts Visuals in Barcelona. A free spirit that loves every form of art. She undertakes each project with great enthusiasm and dedication and created the images on this site.


Chiara Marchetta (My organisational spirit):

EU Grant Writer and Project Officer. She graduated from the University of Siena in Theory of Communication and has been working for over fifteen years in Europlanning and training. When the projects are not just about translation and relations with the publisher, then she intervenes. She always knows how to find the right solution and makes everything seem much simpler than it is.